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        1.     Ningbo Far East Lighting Co., LTD. is located Tianyang Village, Longshan Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, which nearby 329 State Road, covering an area of 50,000 M2. The company has fixed assets of RMB 108,000,000, more than 600 staff work hard to design and produce various kinds of lighting products. Far East has been devoting itself to the lighting field over 20 years, becoming a professional lighting manufacturer, with strong R & D capabilities, completing production line, constantly improving management system, and continuously increasing market share. In 2005, the company was qualified as a National High-tech Enterprise. Until now, Far East has gained a lot of honors like this.

              Far East has strong R & D capabilities. In 2002, "Ningbo City Lighting Test Center" was established in Far East, which was the cooperation result of Far East and Ningbo Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute. In 2006, the Test Center was reviewed and qualified as "Zhejiang lighting products Quality Inspection Center". By now, the Test Center can carry out all kinds of safety, EMC and performance testing items of lighting according to the international standards, such as thermal test, flux test, flame test, waterproof test and dustproof test etc.

              Far East specializes in producing all kinds of outdoor lamps and work lights, such as halogen lamp, waterproof fluorescent fitting, infrared sensor lights, garden lights, work lights, road lights, LED solar lights, electronic ballasts and LED drivers, a total of more than 300 specifications. The company continuous to develop new products every year, it owns almost 100 patents in lighting field.

              In Far East, the quality is always the first. All products have been certificated such as "GS",       "CE", "EMC", "UL" or "CCC", which are exported to more than 30 countries and regions - Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, with good quality and competitive price.

              Corporate performance: The waterproof fluorescent fittings had been installed in the Bird's Nest during Beijing Olympic Games, as the lighting of main channel, VIP vehicle parking area and other subsidiary facilities, as well as Qingdao stadium of Beijing Olympic Games, Ningbo Youngor tourist attraction, Ningbo Zhoushan Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Shanghai subway, Berlin Avenue, and Paris Plaza.

          電話:+86-(0)574-63738398 +86-(0)574-63738398
          傳真:+86-(0)574-63739770 +86-(0)574-63739770
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